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The Delivery Man (2013)

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The Delivery Man (2013) Online Free Streaming Full In HD

The Excitement: DreamWorks has imported director Ken Scott from Canada to remake his comedy Starbuck (also, he authored The Grand Seduction, the approaching movie from Scott Pilgrim’s Don McKellar). It is a no-brainer role for Vince Vaughn, whose aggressive charm is really a tricky easily fit in mainstream fare. Meanwhile, we’ve our eye on Irish actor Jack Raynor he’s received insider attention for that film What Richard Did and apparently will share a lot of the screen time with Vaughn. Also, is not the title of the movie sorta gross?

Director: Ken Scott
Author: Ken Scott
Stars: Vince Vaughn, Chris Pratt and Cobie Smulders

The Delivery Man (2013) Cast Overview
Cobie Smulders … Emma
Chris Pratt
Jack Reynor … Josh
Vince Vaughn
Britt Robertson … Kristen
Bobby Moynihan … Aleksy
Chloe Cmarada … Tall Girl (rumored)
Ben Bailey
Erin Gerasimovich … Brett’s 6 year old
Camille Kitt … Twin Daughter
Glenn Fleshler … Coffee Shop Owner
Alex Hartman … Biological child
Kennerly Kitt … Twin Daughter
Finnerty Steeves … Loan Officer #1
Adam Chanler-Berat … Viggo

The Delivery Man (2013) Online Free Movies Streaming Full In HD on IMDB

The Delivery Man (2013) Plot Summary :
An old sperm donor discovers years later he fathered 100s of youngsters and today most of them wish to meet him.

The Delivery Man (2013) Online Free Full HD Trailer

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