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Sensory Perception (2013)

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Sensory Perception (2013) Online Free Streaming Full In HD

Director: Alessandro Signore
Author: Alessandro Signore (screenplay)
Stars: Mike Duff, Kris Keyes and John Savage

Sensory Perception (2013) Cast Overview
Mike Duff … Jeremy Jacobs
Kris Keyes … Beta One / Cognition Agent
John Savage … (rumored)
Corbin Bernsen … Mr. Friedrich
Stephanie Guarino … Renee Ladonna
Dan Delventhal … Dr. Velkovich
Kerel Tiggett … Loki Jones
Fermin Galeano … President of United Earth
Dallas Page … Mr. Harrington
Jackie Moore … Ms. Rose
David Gere … Mr. Morland / Ricky
Tom Laughlin … Tyson
Domenica Riggio … Ariel
Gary Craig … Politician Harvey Six
Greg Nutcher … Dr. Godard

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Sensory Perception (2013) Plot Summary :
Jeremy, a recovering drug addict, still drowns himself in absinthe. And now he’s seeing visions of the end of mankind. Are they hallucinations? Are they a message? And what do they have to do with the serial killer stalking Brass City? Jeremy struggles to believes he’s found a purpose larger than himself and his addictions. Written by Russ Martin/Alessandro Signore

Sensory Perception (2013) Online Free Full HD Trailer

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