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Mama (2013)

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 Mama (2013) Online Free Streaming Full In HD

The Excitement: Appears like Guillermo del Toro is within proud-papa mode because he mentors filmmaker Andres Muschietti, who here adjusts his short into what is probably the most effective spins around the of course tired haunted-kid horror story. And that we totally love Jessica Chastain’s Dragon Tattoo transformation.

Director: Andres Muschietti
Author: Neil Cross, Andres Muschietti
Stars: Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Megan Charpentier

Mama (2013) Cast Overview
Jessica Chastain … Annabel
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau … Lucas
Jane Moffat … Jean Podolski
Megan Charpentier … Victoria
Daniel Kash … Dr. Dreyfuss
Julia Chantrey … Nina
Hannah Cheesman … Young Mama
Isabelle Nélisse … Lilly
Javier Botet
Morgan McGarry … Young Victoria
Sydney Cross … Orphaned Girl
Jayden Greig … Orphaned boy
Pamela Farrauto … The Nun
Maya Dawe … Young Lilly
Chrys Hobbs … Nun

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Mama (2013) Plot Summary :
A few, Annabel and Lucas, are confronted with the task of raising Lucas’ youthful nieces, who have been discovered inside a forest after being lost there for 5 years, It might be apparent the women are now being haunted with a ghostly lady they feel to become their mother.


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