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Breaking Down (2013)

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Breaking Down (2013)

Directors: Jason Cooper, Simon P. Edwards
Authors: Ben Loyd-Holmes, Andrew Faure
Stars: Tom Benedict Knight, Ben Loyd-Holmes, Stephanie Siadatan

Breaking Down (2013) Cast Overview
Tom Benedict Knight … Officer Tony Jackman
Ben Loyd-Holmes Ben Loyd-Holmes … Joe Rawlins
Stephanie Siadatan Stephanie Siadatan … Det. Karen Latardo
Graham Dickson Graham Dickson … Mikey D
Amy Strange Amy Strange … Charlene D
Winston Ellis Winston Ellis … Lt. Ed Prior
Rebecca Kiser Rebecca Kiser … Jessica Randleman
Daniel Caren Daniel Caren … Donnie Seran
Rafe Pugh Rafe Pugh … Shaun Westwood
Kyle Treslove Kyle Treslove … Justin Westwood
Sian Gordon Sian Gordon … Kelly
Toni Brooks Toni Brooks … Ruth Westwood
Aisling Flaherty Aisling Flaherty … Sam Westwood
Michael Fatogun Michael Fatogun … Jamal
Jade Alexander Jade Alexander … Lucinda Parker

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Breaking Down (2013) Plot Summary :
Officer Tony Jackman finds themselves under analysis like a poor judgement call that introduced for that brutal murder within the innocent family returns to haunt him. As Detectives Rawlins and Latardo investigate multiple homicide, they have known their suspect has a airtight alibi, furthermore for his or her witness is unwilling to cooperate. Embarrassed about his procedural error that allowed the killer to go to free, Officer Jackman is becoming torn between saving his career, and improving the Detectives put the guy responsible away for existence. Produced by Will McCabe.

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