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Abducted (2014)

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Abducted (2014)

Director: Mark Harris
Authors: Davie Fairbanks (screenplay), Mark Harris (story)
Stars: Mark Harris, Anna Nightingale, Honor Kneafsey

Abducted (2014) Cast Overview
Mark Harris … Matt Hollis
Anna Nightingale … Alison Hollis
Honor Kneafsey … Lara Hollis
Felix Ryan … Cartin
Deji LaRay … Spin
Blaine Gray … Nash
Rhea Bailey … Elina
Mark Dippolito … Fabron
Neil Large … Max
Chris Pardal … Liam Chesterfeld
Preston Douglass … Syan
Delvon Roe … Dante
Michelle MacErlean … Ruth Jamison
Nicole Dionne … Klarissa
Greg Depetro … Captain

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Abducted (2014) Plot Summary :
To make sure that they could rebuild his marriage carrying out a dying of his boy, Matt Hollis decides to consider his wife and 6 years old daughter Lara on the journey of the existence to LA, to depart the ceaseless pointers in the loss. Immediately after coming Matt’s world is switched upside lower when his wife is assaulted in their holiday home, departing her within the coma additionally for their daughter LARA kidnapped getting a young child trafficking ring. Hunted using the police who incorrectly believe Matt has absconded together with his daughter, they must evade capture and pursue the crooks accountable for Lara’s abduction. Recognizing he’s basically a 72-hour proper window if he ever wants to see his daughter alive again, he enlists the help of Syan a classic forces buddy, Matt tears a method of bloody vengeance while using roads of los angeles round the collision course with Lara’s captors. Created by Anonymous

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